Red Chair Appointment 6 by GillPanda

FurAffinity artist GillPanda has begun uploading pages to the sixth Red Chair Appointment TF comic series. So far, nothing much is known about this comic’s eventual form, but it begins with a human male who goes to an Anthro Autumn Party, and feels awkward when he sees GillPanda, and a room filled with furries. All pages have been posted. Warning: Contains male and female nudity, and graphic sex scenes.

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Fresh Meat Werewolf TF Comic by WFA

FurAffinity user Tetanus is slowly rolling out a comic commission from artist WFA. A young man bursts into an empty cabin in the middle of the woods after being attacked, and learns of his fate from a scratch from a monster. Warning: Contains male nudity and male/male sex.

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TFx Group: Ichiro & Chiyo Chapter 1: Ichiro’s Date (TGTF Comic) by Jeupe & Lizardman

On the TFx Group, maintained by the operators of this blog, the first chapter of the Ichiro & Chiyo saga is available.

Ichiro is a young, college-aged man trying to have an uneventful date. Feeling a change starting, he leaves his lady and hides while his body slowly changes into a young woman’s. In this first chapter of the saga of twins Ichiro and Chiyo, we see Ichiro’s slow change, with female nudity, into his alter gender.

Available on the store for 7 tickets, at

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April O’Neil Werecat TF by okayokayokok

DeviantArt artist okayokayokok posted a two-page comic, of April O’Neil from the 1980s version of the TMNT cartoons, being chased through the sewers by a wave of mutagen ooze, only to have it change her into a werecat. Warning: Contains female nudity.

Page One
Page Two

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Ani Koi – Brotherly Love TGTF Manga English Translation

Translator Kusanyagi created an English translation of Aji Pontarou’s manga Brotherly Love, and it was posted to Mangafap. A fan of anime and manga, and a particular female fighter from one, orders a total body suit of the character. When he zips up the skin around himself, he changes into the woman, permanently. WARNING: Contains female nudity and graphic depictions of sex.

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Ladies Night TF Comic by Black-Rat/Keanon Woods

FurAffinity user Tetanus is uploading a page a day of a comic that Keanon Woods, aka Black-Rat on DeviantArt, did as a commission. During a full moon in the city, women start changing into ferocious werebeasts, and chase after two ladies who are not infected. When the two reach a safe place inside of a building, a scratch to one will ruin the safety of their bunker. Warning: Contains female nudity.

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IRC TF RP Channels on FurNet

The furry IRC network FurNet,, has many channels dedicated to furry and non-furry content, depending on the interests of the user. They also have roleplaying channels (where you act like a character in real time with others, usually with a theme related to the channel). Some of these are transformation-related.

Some of the larger channels (though RP is not as prevalent in some) are:


For those who want to chat with others who enjoy TF, try FurNet. Should you need an IRC client, try HexChat.

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Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale TGTF Video Game Released

Linked to earlier on, Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale now is available for sale on the Humble Store, for $29.99 USD. 10% of the proceeds goes to charity. Visit the store for details on the game. Note: This is still an early release, with about an hour of content. More content is promised at a later date.

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