April O’Neil Werecat TF by okayokayokok

DeviantArt artist okayokayokok posted a two-page comic, of April O’Neil from the 1980s version of the TMNT cartoons, being chased through the sewers by a wave of mutagen ooze, only to have it change her into a werecat. Warning: Contains female nudity.

Page One
Page Two

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Ani Koi – Brotherly Love TGTF Manga English Translation

Translator Kusanyagi created an English translation of Aji Pontarou’s manga Brotherly Love, and it was posted to Mangafap. A fan of anime and manga, and a particular female fighter from one, orders a total body suit of the character. When he zips up the skin around himself, he changes into the woman, permanently. WARNING: Contains female nudity and graphic depictions of sex.

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Ladies Night TF Comic by Black-Rat/Keanon Woods

FurAffinity user Tetanus is uploading a page a day of a comic that Keanon Woods, aka Black-Rat on DeviantArt, did as a commission. During a full moon in the city, women start changing into ferocious werebeasts, and chase after two ladies who are not infected. When the two reach a safe place inside of a building, a scratch to one will ruin the safety of their bunker. Warning: Contains female nudity.

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IRC TF RP Channels on FurNet

The furry IRC network FurNet, irc.furnet.org, has many channels dedicated to furry and non-furry content, depending on the interests of the user. They also have roleplaying channels (where you act like a character in real time with others, usually with a theme related to the channel). Some of these are transformation-related.

Some of the larger channels (though RP is not as prevalent in some) are:


For those who want to chat with others who enjoy TF, try FurNet. Should you need an IRC client, try HexChat.

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Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale TGTF Video Game Released

Linked to earlier on tfs.space, Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale now is available for sale on the Humble Store, for $29.99 USD. 10% of the proceeds goes to charity. Visit the store for details on the game. Note: This is still an early release, with about an hour of content. More content is promised at a later date.

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