Transformational Geographic Issue 1 Dragon TF Comic by Watsup and Little Napoleon

Transformational Geographic Issue 1

Artists Watsup and Little Napoleon have collaborated in producing a 22-page PDF, most of which is a detailed comic of a young, female human adventurer who acquires treasure on her latest adventure, only to have her gotten gains change her into an anthro dragon. This comic also includes extras for those who love female dragons and what they can do. The comic is priced at $12.00 USD. Warning: Contains female nudity and scenes of female masturbation.

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Legend of Zelda’s Link TGTF and Sex Animation by Secaz

Animator Secaz posted to Dropbox a video, using the Source Filmmaker program, of Legend of Zelda‘s Link being transformed off-screen into a female version of himself by Midna, and then having Ganondorf have sex with her new form, while Zelda and others watch. Warning: Contains female and male nudity, M/F graphic sex and female masturbation. Links to the video are in the story.

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