IRC TF RP Channels on FurNet

The furry IRC network FurNet,, has many channels dedicated to furry and non-furry content, depending on the interests of the user. They also have roleplaying channels (where you act like a character in real time with others, usually with a theme related to the channel). Some of these are transformation-related.

Some of the larger channels (though RP is not as prevalent in some) are:


For those who want to chat with others who enjoy TF, try FurNet. Should you need an IRC client, try HexChat.

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Spotlight: Artist TFSubmissions

TFSubmissions, real name unknown, has been drawing transformation comics, sequences and pinups for years, on both DeviantArt and FurAffinity. This artist deals mostly in doing commissions quickly, with constant communication with commissioners.

Among some of the common subjects this artist tends to draw are Pokémon, TGTF, age swaps, and anything cartoony in nature.

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