Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap for the Nintendo Switch

For the home console Nintendo Switch, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap has a half-lizard, half-human protagonist who must adventure through the game looking for a cure. However, each dragon you slay transforms you again. Besides the lizard, you will become a hybrid of a mouse, a piranha, a lion, and a hawk.

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Surody’s Halloween Special “The First Bite” Male to Female TGTF Comic

DeviantArt artist surody is posting a TGTF comic, of a man who is bitten during a sexual encounter, and undergoes a lengthy TG transformation, all rendered as a 3D modeled comic. These images are posted behind a Patreon or premium membership paywall, so support the artist if you’ve enjoyed his previous works.

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Transformational Geographic Issue 1 Dragon TF Comic by Watsup and Little Napoleon

Transformational Geographic Issue 1

Artists Watsup and Little Napoleon have collaborated in producing a 22-page PDF, most of which is a detailed comic of a young, female human adventurer who acquires treasure on her latest adventure, only to have her gotten gains change her into an anthro dragon. This comic also includes extras for those who love female dragons and what they can do. The comic is priced at $12.00 USD. Warning: Contains female nudity and scenes of female masturbation.

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TFx Group: Ichiro & Chiyo Chapter 1: Ichiro’s Date (TGTF Comic) by Jeupe & Lizardman

On the TFx Group, maintained by the operators of this blog, the first chapter of the Ichiro & Chiyo saga is available.

Ichiro is a young, college-aged man trying to have an uneventful date. Feeling a change starting, he leaves his lady and hides while his body slowly changes into a young woman’s. In this first chapter of the saga of twins Ichiro and Chiyo, we see Ichiro’s slow change, with female nudity, into his alter gender.

Available on the store for 7 tickets, at http://tfx.mangaweb.net/

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Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale TGTF Video Game Released

Linked to earlier on tfs.space, Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale now is available for sale on the Humble Store, for $29.99 USD. 10% of the proceeds goes to charity. Visit the store for details on the game. Note: This is still an early release, with about an hour of content. More content is promised at a later date.

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Furry TGTF Pay Comic by Ripperelite and Dafnier

Available on the artist’s download site, Ripperelite posted a 13-page comic, written by Dafnier, that includes an anthro red wolf male who applies for a job at a local bar, only to find himself in a different position. The TGTF is rather quick and without much detail, but the comic is more focused on a sex scene that follows this change. The price for the comic is $1.99 USD. Warning: Comic contains male and female nudity and a sex scene.

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Polymorph Digital Transformation Anthology by Comic, Little Napoleon and Proxer

Just released on Lulu, Polymorph, a digital anthology of comics by artists Comic, Little Napoleon, and Proxer with colors by Watsup, is available for immediate download for $11.99 USD. There are 17 pages of full-color comics, featuring Man to Cobra, Female to Mongoose Peck; Woman to Anthro Rhino Caribooty; and Man to Female Anthro Reindeer. Continue reading for links, and a link to sample art.

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