Transformational Geographic Issue 1 Dragon TF Comic by Watsup and Little Napoleon

Transformational Geographic Issue 1

Artists Watsup and Little Napoleon have collaborated in producing a 22-page PDF, most of which is a detailed comic of a young, female human adventurer who acquires treasure on her latest adventure, only to have her gotten gains change her into an anthro dragon. This comic also includes extras for those who love female dragons and what they can do. The comic is priced at $12.00 USD. Warning: Contains female nudity and scenes of female masturbation.

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Woman to Male Anthro Lion TGTF Sequence by SabretoothedErmine

FurAffinity user Littlewolf112 posted a commission from artist SabretoothedErmine of an athletic female human transforming into a male anthro lion. Warning: Contains male and female nudity. Thumbnail and link in main story.

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Camp Lakebottom Female Werechicken TF

YouTube user Transformation King posted a clip from Canadian Teletoon’s show Camp Lakebottom, from season 1 episode 4’s first part, “Cluck of the Were-Chicken.” The girl Gretchen of the main cast transforms into a werechicken, and attacks those around her. Video embedded in story.

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Anthro Male Dragon to Horse TF by fasttrack37d

FurAffinity artist fasttrack37d posted a lengthy comic of the fursonas of FurAffinity users Uperior, an anthro male horse, and RemiDragon, an anthro male dragon, and what happens once their intimate encounters are over. Warning: Contains male nudity and M/M sex. Continue reading to see links and thumbnails.

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Anthro Sabertooth Tiger FMGTF by Halcy0n

FurAffinity artist Halcy0n posted a single page sequence for artist Cobalt_K of user yurikokinai‘s character Hsien-Ko, a female anthro sabertooth tiger, undergoing a female muscle growth change, including multiple breasts and clothing change. Warning: Contains brief female nudity.

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“Rough Stuff” TGTF by StilettoPink

FurAffinity artist StilettoPink has uploaded the first page of a comic, a commission for FurAffinity user Coonix, of his fursona, a mix of raccoon, otter and marten, traveling to a brothel to find a woman he can be rough with, only to sexually assault the proprietor and start his adventures into a new gender. Updates posted as the artist releases them. Continue reading to see thumbnails and links.

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Anthro Fox TGTF Dickgirl TF by Tanraak

FurAffinity artist tanraak posted a three-image comic of a male anthro fox being collared and changed into a buxom dickgirl. This is similar to another six-page comic from the same artist. Warning: Contains male and female nudity.

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April O’Neil Werecat TF by okayokayokok

DeviantArt artist okayokayokok posted a two-page comic, of April O’Neil from the 1980s version of the TMNT cartoons, being chased through the sewers by a wave of mutagen ooze, only to have it change her into a werecat. Warning: Contains female nudity.

Page One
Page Two

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