Human Male to Female Anthro Cheetah TGTF by LittleNapoleon

DeviantArt CG artist Surody commissioned fellow artist LittleNapoleon to draw a five-page TGTF comic, where a hapless human male is encased in a glass chamber, only to be changed into an anthro female cheetah. Warning: Contains male and female nudity. The uncensored version is available on Surody’s website. Thumbnails included in the main story.

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Anthro Sabertooth Tiger FMGTF by Halcy0n

FurAffinity artist Halcy0n posted a single page sequence for artist Cobalt_K of user yurikokinai‘s character Hsien-Ko, a female anthro sabertooth tiger, undergoing a female muscle growth change, including multiple breasts and clothing change. Warning: Contains brief female nudity.

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April O’Neil Werecat TF by okayokayokok

DeviantArt artist okayokayokok posted a two-page comic, of April O’Neil from the 1980s version of the TMNT cartoons, being chased through the sewers by a wave of mutagen ooze, only to have it change her into a werecat. Warning: Contains female nudity.

Page One
Page Two

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