Surody’s Halloween Special “The First Bite” Male to Female TGTF Comic

DeviantArt artist surody is posting a TGTF comic, of a man who is bitten during a sexual encounter, and undergoes a lengthy TG transformation, all rendered as a 3D modeled comic. These images are posted behind a Patreon or premium membership paywall, so support the artist if you’ve enjoyed his previous works.

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Male to Female Werewolf TGTF Comic by GardeaAlgedo

FurAffinity artist GardeaAlgedo posted a one-page comic for fellow user Alex-Ketchum, of a male human being attacked by a male werewolf. The human undergoes a quick transformation into a female werewolf, while the male werewolf happily helps her out of her clothes and enjoys the moonlight on the grass together. Warning: Contains female nudity. Thumbnail and link in the main story.

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Resident Evil’s Rebecca Chambers Monstergirl TF Comic by BiscuitDude

DeviantArt artist BiscuitDude is posting a five-page comic set in the Resident Evil universe with Rebecca Chambers succumbing to a monster‘s bite and transforming. Warning: Contains female nudity. Thumbnails and links in story.

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“Rough Stuff” TGTF by StilettoPink

FurAffinity artist StilettoPink has uploaded the first page of a comic, a commission for FurAffinity user Coonix, of his fursona, a mix of raccoon, otter and marten, traveling to a brothel to find a woman he can be rough with, only to sexually assault the proprietor and start his adventures into a new gender. Updates posted as the artist releases them. Continue reading to see thumbnails and links.

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Red Chair Appointment 6 by GillPanda

FurAffinity artist GillPanda has begun uploading pages to the sixth Red Chair Appointment TF comic series. So far, nothing much is known about this comic’s eventual form, but it begins with a human male who goes to an Anthro Autumn Party, and feels awkward when he sees GillPanda, and a room filled with furries. All pages have been posted. Warning: Contains male and female nudity, and graphic sex scenes.

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TFx Group: Ichiro & Chiyo Chapter 1: Ichiro’s Date (TGTF Comic) by Jeupe & Lizardman

On the TFx Group, maintained by the operators of this blog, the first chapter of the Ichiro & Chiyo saga is available.

Ichiro is a young, college-aged man trying to have an uneventful date. Feeling a change starting, he leaves his lady and hides while his body slowly changes into a young woman’s. In this first chapter of the saga of twins Ichiro and Chiyo, we see Ichiro’s slow change, with female nudity, into his alter gender.

Available on the store for 7 tickets, at

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