Classic: “Reversal of the Heart” Dragon TF by Carolyn Chrisman

For her senior thesis, animator Carolyn Chrisman did this short movie of a warrior who ventures out and captures a heart, or gem, from a baby dragon, to bring back to the princess in jewelry. However, the gem curses its wearer to change into a dragon. The princess is almost killed by the warrior, and she has to escape her kingdom to avoid being slain. The movie is very touching, even without any dialogue. There are two transformations from human to dragon, and one revert from dragon to human.

Embedded video and times in the full post.

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Caitlin’s Cabin Kiss Dragon TF by Falynevarger

SoFurry user norz_tf posted a ten-page comic commission he purchased from artist Falynevarger. Two young women sneak off to a cabin in the middle of the woods, and one of the women reveals her true form, a dragon under her human skin. Warning: Includes female nudity and lesbian sex. Continue reading for links.

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Eastern Dragon TGTF Dual TF by Bubbeh

FurAffinity user Talu_Lupus uploaded a comic drawn by artist bubbeh where Talu_Lupus’s character and DragonNamedRed’s character both transform into versions of Redd the Eastern Dragon, one female, one male. There is a sex scene at the end of the comic. Warning: Contains male and female nudity. Continue reading for links.

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