Human Male to Female Anthro Cheetah TGTF by LittleNapoleon

DeviantArt CG artist Surody commissioned fellow artist LittleNapoleon to draw a five-page TGTF comic, where a hapless human male is encased in a glass chamber, only to be changed into an anthro female cheetah. Warning: Contains male and female nudity. The uncensored version is available on Surody’s website. Thumbnails included in the main story.

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Transformational Geographic Issue 1 Dragon TF Comic by Watsup and Little Napoleon

Transformational Geographic Issue 1

Artists Watsup and Little Napoleon have collaborated in producing a 22-page PDF, most of which is a detailed comic of a young, female human adventurer who acquires treasure on her latest adventure, only to have her gotten gains change her into an anthro dragon. This comic also includes extras for those who love female dragons and what they can do. The comic is priced at $12.00 USD. Warning: Contains female nudity and scenes of female masturbation.

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Polymorph Digital Transformation Anthology by Comic, Little Napoleon and Proxer

Just released on Lulu, Polymorph, a digital anthology of comics by artists Comic, Little Napoleon, and Proxer with colors by Watsup, is available for immediate download for $11.99 USD. There are 17 pages of full-color comics, featuring Man to Cobra, Female to Mongoose Peck; Woman to Anthro Rhino Caribooty; and Man to Female Anthro Reindeer. Continue reading for links, and a link to sample art.

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