Woman to Male Anthro Lion TGTF Sequence by SabretoothedErmine

FurAffinity user Littlewolf112 posted a commission from artist SabretoothedErmine of an athletic female human transforming into a male anthro lion. Warning: Contains male and female nudity. Thumbnail and link in main story.

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Male Mustelid to Female Canine TGTF Comic by Stilettopink

FurAffinity artist Stilettopink is posting a comic commission for FurAffinity user Coonix, of his fursona entering a brothel, asking for a lady into rough sex, only to find himself being collared and transformed. The comic is currently still being posted. Warning: Contains male and female nudity. Thumbnails and links included in story.

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Human Male to Female TGTF Animation 3 by surody

DeviantArt user surody has uploaded another animation of a nude human male changing genders to a human female. This one has a bit more detail and action, but it is very grainy on DeviantArt. A link to a higher resolution video is available in the movie’s description. Warning: Contains male and female nudity. Embedded video and link in the full story.

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“Rough Stuff” TGTF by StilettoPink

FurAffinity artist StilettoPink has uploaded the first page of a comic, a commission for FurAffinity user Coonix, of his fursona, a mix of raccoon, otter and marten, traveling to a brothel to find a woman he can be rough with, only to sexually assault the proprietor and start his adventures into a new gender. Updates posted as the artist releases them. Continue reading to see thumbnails and links.

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Anthro Fox TGTF Dickgirl TF by Tanraak

FurAffinity artist tanraak posted a three-image comic of a male anthro fox being collared and changed into a buxom dickgirl. This is similar to another six-page comic from the same artist. Warning: Contains male and female nudity.

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TFx Group: Ichiro & Chiyo Chapter 1: Ichiro’s Date (TGTF Comic) by Jeupe & Lizardman

On the TFx Group, maintained by the operators of this blog, the first chapter of the Ichiro & Chiyo saga is available.

Ichiro is a young, college-aged man trying to have an uneventful date. Feeling a change starting, he leaves his lady and hides while his body slowly changes into a young woman’s. In this first chapter of the saga of twins Ichiro and Chiyo, we see Ichiro’s slow change, with female nudity, into his alter gender.

Available on the store for 7 tickets, at http://tfx.mangaweb.net/

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Ani Koi – Brotherly Love TGTF Manga English Translation

Translator Kusanyagi created an English translation of Aji Pontarou’s manga Brotherly Love, and it was posted to Mangafap. A fan of anime and manga, and a particular female fighter from one, orders a total body suit of the character. When he zips up the skin around himself, he changes into the woman, permanently. WARNING: Contains female nudity and graphic depictions of sex.

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Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale TGTF Video Game Released

Linked to earlier on tfs.space, Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale now is available for sale on the Humble Store, for $29.99 USD. 10% of the proceeds goes to charity. Visit the store for details on the game. Note: This is still an early release, with about an hour of content. More content is promised at a later date.

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