“Sue’s First Full Moon” Female Werewolf TF Comic by Were-World

DeviantArt artist Were-World began posting a comic of a human female named Sue, who begins to transform into a werewolf, very similar to the famous scene from American Werewolf in London. So far, there is no female nudity, but the comic has not fully been posted yet. This post will update with new pages.

Page One
Page Two (Teeth)
Page Three (Hand)
Page Four (Foot)
Page Five (Foot)
Page Six (Foot)
Page Seven (Ear, Body)
Page Eight (Chest, Body, Ears)
Page Nine (Back, Foot)
Page Ten (Foot)
Page Eleven (Foot)
Page Twelve (Body, Teeth)
Page Thirteen (Face)
Page Fourteen (Face, Fur)
Page Fifteen
Page Sixteen
Page Seventeen

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