American Werewolf in London Transformation in Reverse

DailyMotion user Bowedoutrageous posted a reverse of the famous transformation scene from American Werewolf in London, in case anyone was wondering what the wolf’s change back into David may have looked like. The video does contain mild male nudity.

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Female Werewolf TF by KrustyTheSailor

DeviantArt artist KrustyTheSailor posted another well-rendered 3D still of a woman undergoing a change into a werewolf. Here she has only her pajama bottoms left on, while on her hands and knees on her bedroom floor, watching the viewer through wolf’s eyes. Continue reading for links and thumbnail. Warning: Contains female nudity.

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Uncaged Werewolf Movie Trailer

Uncaged is a movie scheduled to be released in 2015, about a teenager who believes he’s sleepwalking during the night, and this is why he can’t sleep well. One night he harnesses a GoPro to himself, and the following morning he watches the footage, only to realize that he has changed into a murderous creature. Continue reading for links and embedded video.

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Werewolf Romance Stories Category on Wattpad

Wattpad, the online community where users can upload their own stories, has a category for romantic werewolf stories. I personally have not perused any of these titles, so browse with that in mind. There are fairly regular updates of new stories in this category. If anything stands out that others should read, comment here to let others know.

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Spotlight: Artist TFSubmissions

TFSubmissions, real name unknown, has been drawing transformation comics, sequences and pinups for years, on both DeviantArt and FurAffinity. This artist deals mostly in doing commissions quickly, with constant communication with commissioners.

Among some of the common subjects this artist tends to draw are Pokémon, TGTF, age swaps, and anything cartoony in nature.

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